July 24, 2012

Strand to release 'Bonsai' on DVD

Some news on Strand Releasing's latest DVD, and that is the release on August 21st of Cristian Jiminez' Bonsai.

Julio is a struggling young writer who has hit a wall. Unemployed and involved in a half-hearted relationship with his neighbor, things are finally starting to look up when he gets an interview with a renowned author to transcribe his latest work. Things don’t go as planned, however, and Julio doesn’t get the job. Instead of admitting the truth to his girlfriend, he pretends to be transcribing the novel when actually writing his own story. Searching for inspiration and a plot, Julio revisits a romance he had eight years ago when studying literature in Valdivia. As Julio’s novel progresses, so does his fondness for the past and of the love he let slip away. Based on an internationally acclaimed novella, BONSÁI is a subtly affecting examination of the lies we tell ourselves in order to get by.

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