July 25, 2012

Futuristic thriller 'Exodus' to get a U.S. release

On September 29th Vanguard Entertainment will be releasing the 2007 British thriller Exodus on DVD and VOD. Directed by Penny Woolcock, Exodus is a furistic thriller that has been compared to Children of Men and originally screened on Channel 4 in the UK.

Starring Bernard Hill (Lord Of The Rings), Claire Hope Ashitey (Children Of Men) and Daniel Percival (Complicity) Variety Magazine describes the film as "an eye-popping vision of dystopia that rivals Alfonso Cuaron's Children Of Men".

In this nightmare vision of a dystopian future, a neo-fascist politician clears the streets of immigrants confining them in a ghetto called Dreamland. But when his adopted son discovers that his real parents are imprisoned refugees his attempts to help them escape result in a war in which the brutally oppressed resort to brutal means to win their freedom. 

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