May 16, 2012

'Thin Ice' Blu-ray and DVD details

Coming to Blu-ray and DVD on June 12th is the comedy thriller Thin Ice, which stars Greg Kinnear, Alan Arkin and Billy Crudup.  20th Century Fox are releasing the movie which has been described as "a crime twist worthy of Hitchcock and dialogue worthy of the Coen Brothers". If it can live up to that desription I will be a happy bunny for sure!

Mickey Prohaska (Kinnear) is a small-time insurance agent looking for a way to jump-start his business, reunite with his estranged wife (Thompson) and escape the frigid Wisconsin weather. This self-proclaimed master of spin believes that salesmanship is about selling a story — all he needs is a sucker willing to buy it.  He hits pay dirt with a lonely retired farmer (Arkin) who is sitting on something much bigger than an insurance commission.  But Mickey’s attempt to con the old man spins out of control when a nosy, unstable locksmith (Crudup) with a volatile temper dramatically ups the stakes, trapping him in a spiral of danger, deceit and double-crossing.

Thin Ice Blu-rayand DVD Special Features
·      Behind-The-Scenes of Thin Ice
·      Deleted Scenes
·      Sundance Premiere Featurette

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