May 19, 2012

Carrion Screaming! 'Borley Rectory' and 'Spring Heel Jack' are on their way

A couple of years ago I reviewed the short film, from director Ashley Thorpe, The Hairy Hands and you can read that review here. It's a retelling of the Hairy Hands of Dartmoor tale and completes the Penny Dreadful trilogy. The short features a terrific blend of live action and animation, and features narration from a certain Doug Bradley. Following on from that I recently had the chance to visit Thorpe's earlier shorts, The Screaming Skull and Scayrecrow, and found them both to be absolutely wonderful. Now there is news on not one but two new films from Carrion Films.

The first film is the short film, which is currently in production, entitled Borley Rectory and is once again directed by Thorpe and features narration from none other than Julian Sands. The sharp eyed among you might also notice that Borley Rectory is also a joint production with the quite terrific Glass Eye Pix, with Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid on board as exectutive producers.

Director Ashley Thorpe on Borley Rectory (from

“Borley Rectory is essentially an animated documentary, inspired by a genuine haunting that caught the worlds imagination during the late 1920’s.  It’s going to be something quite old fashioned, very textural, with a house very much a projection of the personalities within it – Haunted house as voyeur. It’s a subject that seized my imagination as a child after stumbling across the legend in the Usbourne Book of Ghosts at the local Library as a kid…”

The next film, which this time will be a feature length production, from Thorpe and Carrion Films is entitled Spring Hell Jack. Below you can check out some early concept art for the film, which is currently in development. Both of these film's I am eagerly awaiting and I wholeheartedly recommend you check out Thorpe's earlier shorts. I have included trailers below.

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