December 23, 2011

The Lair's Top 10 Shorts of 2011

Short films are so often overlooked. Well, not by me. Quite frankly there are some superb examples out there, and below is my Top 10 that I have seen this year, and not necessarily released this year.

10. Ice Scream 

9. Sons of Chaos (Review)

8. Rosa

7. Snow Angel (Review)

6. Deviling (Review)

5. Axed (Review)

4. Worm (Review)

3. Deus Irae (Review)

2. Bobby Yeah (Review)

1. Prick (Review)


Horror Nut said...

These shorts look awesome! Do you know where I can find copies?

Lord of Filth said...

Ice Scream, Rosa and Sons of Chaos are all available online. Snow Angel is part of The Collective Vol 1 release. The others were all either screeners or password protected.

For Bobby Yeah try

Worm try