December 19, 2011

Drive - Blu-ray Art and Special Features

My second favorite film of the year gets its Blu-ray and DVD release next month. Sony are releasing Drive on January 31st and, even though there will no doubt be a special edition to follow, I will be grabbing a copy.

Here's a look at the front and back artwork, as well as a list of the special features to be included.

Special Features: 
  • I Drive

  • Under The Hood

  • Driver and Irene

  • Cut To The Chase

  • Drive Without A Driver: Interview With Nicolas Winding Refn


    zach hayes said...

    What is your favorit movie of the year. Do you think the DVD will have the same bonus content as the blu-ray. Because I already have the movie in HD on my ps3. I just don't have the bonus content.

    Lord of Filth said...

    My favorite of last year was A Horrible Way To Die. Drive was second. As far as I am aware the bonus content is the same on both formats.