July 8, 2011

Violence and Bloodshed: Adam Chaplin

Thanks to The Conduit for bringing this sick looking puppy to my attention. Extreme violence and mayhem seem to be the order of the day here. This has to be one of the craziest trailers I have seen in quite some time, it looks bloody marvelous, just be careful who you watch it in front of!

More information about the movie and its DVD release can be found here at Necrostorm's site.

STORY: The film, set in an unreal country called Heaven Valley, tells the story of a man, Adam, whom after the death of his wife - occurred in suspicious circumstances- begins to investigate on her murder, discovering the involvement of the local mafia boss: Denny Richards Unable to trust the police, clearly corrupted and controlled by Danny, Adam destroyed by his anger, summons a demon who will give him a superhuman strength and dark powers. The demon will follow him during his trip, promising to lead Adam to the murderer if he does everything he asks.This unleash a bloody war that will bring Adam, deployed with the demon on his side; and the police corp with all its dark allies, on the other. Denny infact, supported by his two sadistic sons Ben and Derek, will also enrol an hired killer. The fight can start... and it will be extreme!

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babyfivetongues said...

Thanks for the heads up This film (based on the trailer) has a bit of a Japanese vibe. I love the splatter punches.