July 3, 2011

Triple-Bill Of August Underground Flicks!

To celebrate 10 year anniversary of the release of the notorious August Underground Severed Sinema are presenting this trible-bill of all three AU films. Plus there is the added bonus of Necrophagia playing. Necro-fucking-phagia!!!! Also Fred Vogel and the rest of the Toetag crew will be there for a Q&A.

I plan on being there as it's just down the road from me. Should be a sick night indeed.

Venue: Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA

Date: Saturday, August 27th  

Seating: General admission

Ticket prices: $10

Showtime: 7pm

Tickets can be bought here

1 comment:

Sick House Admin said...

Wish I could've gone to this. Still haven't seen the two sequels, but I'm looking forward to them (I think). Waiting to hear back from Toetag, so maybe you'll see a review from me on those soon. ;)