April 15, 2011

Undead For The Kids

You gotta start them young! Reading and horror, they go hand in hand if you ask me so I am always on the lookout for books that my wife and I can read to our 5 year old. So, when I saw The Zombie Chasers by John Kloepfer I decided to pick it up. From what I have read so far it is pretty good, I work second shift so I am rarely in when he goes to bed, but I plan on catching up with it soon. The sequel Undead Ahead was released in March and I plan on picking that up very soon. 

Official Site

The Zombie Chasers

Zombie Attack!
When brain-gobbling zombies invade, a sleep­over at Zack Clarke's house quickly turns into a Level-3 creep-over. The undead have infested the streets, filling the air with deathly moans and the stench of rotting flesh.
Meet the Zombie Chasers:
Zack: His house is a wreck, his sister's a zombie, and he's stolen his mom's Volvo. He's totally going to be grounded if he survives the night. . . .
Rice: He's studied The Zombie Survival Guide, but is he prepared to fight the living dead?
Madison: She seriously cannot believe her best friend has become a zombie and left her alone with these dweebs!
They're on a mission to save the world, but first they have to survive their flesh-eating, half-dead neighbors—and one another. Can the Zombie Chasers make it out alive?

The Zombie Chasers 2: Undead Ahead


Zack Clarke, his best pal, Rice, and middle-school queen bee Madison Miller survived the night of the living dead—but the nightmare's not over yet!
Zack's sister is a zombie and his parents might be goners. Rice has uncovered the source of the zombie outbreak, and Madison's health-drink habit may be the key to a cure. Ozzie, the newest zombie chaser, is a nunchaku-wielding, monster-fighting machine who's ready to kick some undead butt.
The whole country—from their parents to the president—is counting on them. Can the Zombie Chasers save the nation from brain-gobbling ghouls? Or will the US of A become the US of Z?

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