April 15, 2011

Single White Roommate

When I first saw the previews for The Roommate the first thought that crossed my mind was that it looked like a remake of the 1992 flick Single White Female. Well, we can all make up our minds on May 17th when this gets its DVD/Blu-ray release. It's not really something I am in a hurry to see, but I am sure it'll do moderately well with the teeny crowd.

She's cute. She's loyal. She's psychotic. And, unfortunately for college freshman Sara (Minka Kelly) she's THE ROOMMATE. When Sara arrives at school, she finds new romance with Stephen (Cam Gigandet)and forms a fast friendship with her roommate Rebecca (Leighton Meester). What begins as camaraderie soon turns creepy, and Sara comes face-to-face with the terrifying realization that her new best friend is obsessive, unbalanced...and maybe even a killer!

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