April 4, 2011

Murder in Seattle - The Killing Season Premiere

So after what seemed like far too long The Killing finally debuted on AMC on April 3rd. Based on the 2007 Danish show Forbrydelsen, which I haven't seen but plan on picking up the Region 2 DVD, The Killing debuted with a 2 hour premiere. Well, it was actually the first two episodes played back to back, but not to worry.

The show follows the police investigation, family reaction and a mayoral candidate, who may or may not be involved, of the murder of a 17 year old girl named Rosie Laursen. 

The show starts off slowly with the discovery of some clothing and a credit card in a remote park.   There is no body yet, instead the police led by Sarah Linden resolve to follow the leads in what they hope is just a missing person's case. Obviously the name of the show gives it away that there will eventually be a body. The tension slowly builds up to this point, we know it is coming and suffering for Rosie's parents is almost unbearable. This is further enhanced by the rainy Seattle setting, with dulled colors and an almost depressing atmosphere.

The Killing has proved so far to be a well made and quite emotional show. It features a solid cast although Linden's partner, who has joined the department to replace Sarah when she leaves for California to get married, seems a little out of place at the moment. That being said it does seem that there is more to his character than meets the eye. Watching this show I saw elements of Se7en, Silence of the Lambs as well as the more obvious Twin Peaks (without the humor), the intuitive female investigator, the new kid coming in to take over and prove himself and the murder of a young schoolgirl, but the show does manage to retain its own identity.

We are only two hours into a 13 episode series so there is plenty of time for it to further develop. The signs so far are very good and it already has me hooked.

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