April 7, 2011

As the Worm Turns: Familiar coming soon from Fatal Pictures

Having already brought us the intensity of the quite excellent Worm, you can read my review here, Fatal Pictures are gearing up to bring us Familiar. Once again written and directed by Richard Powell with Zach Green producing, cinematographer Michael Jari Davidson and starring the quite excellent Robert Nolan, Familiar is due for release sometime in 2011. 

Nolan plays Johnathan Dodd who is the twin brother of the decidedly unhinged Geoffrey Dodd, whom he also played, from Worm. So I am fairly sure we can expect some less than savory behavior from him and I am definitely optimistic that this will deliver the goods.


Through a series of tragic events a middle-aged man grows to suspect the negative impulses plaguing his mind may not be his own.

Fatal Pictures

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