April 18, 2021

Szary Wilk - Wrath - Press Release + Full Album Stream.


Press Release by Putrid Cult.

Article posted by Trevor Proctor.

Putrid Cult is proud to present Szary Wilk's striking debut album, Wrath.
A mysterious quartet hailing from Poland, Szary Wilk released their first demo, 'Wrota chaosu,' in 2018 via Putrid Cult
Despite being a brand-new entity and their first recording arriving in 2018, more accurately could Szary Wilk have come from mid-'90s Poland, so authentic is their ancient pagan black metal.
But now, they trump that accomplishment with their debut full-length, Wrath
Aptly titled, Wrath is literally a timewarp to colder/grimmer/truer days of all-caps BLACK METAL. 

No "post," no "friends," no contact, no LIFE: simply, Szary Wilk solely focus on the majestic, mystical essence of ancient-days/ways songwriting and conjure a cruel-yet-comforting atmosphere for those following the voice of blood. And at five songs in a compact 33 minutes, the trio waste no time on pleasantries or flights of fancy - and yet, the all-engrossing experience of Wrath feels far vaster than that runtime suggests. 
Szary Wilk are straight from the source, and it shows ad infinitum.

For those whose hearts beat true for early Behemoth, Graveland, Veles, Infernum, and Sacrilegium, return to the pagan vastlands with Szary Wilk's Wrath!

01 - Mortal
02 - Behind the Curtain of Death
03 - Mortuos Voco
04 - Wilczy Taniec
05 - Wrath.

Wrath by Szary Wilk is currently available on CD from Putrid Cult by following this link.

Wrath is also available on CD + Digital formats from Szary Wilk by following this link.

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