April 6, 2020

Front (Finland) - Antichrist Militia 12" MLP + MCD - Press Release + Track Stream.

Front (Finland) - Antichrist Militia 12" MLP + MCD - Iron Bonehead Productions.

Press Release by Nathan T Birk.

Article posted by Trevor Proctor.

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present a new mini-album from Finland's Front, Antichrist Militia, on digital, CD and 12" vinyl formats. It's been four long years since Front's celebrated debut album for Iron Bonehead, Iron Overkill.
Firmly committed to the original war metal tenets laid down by Bestial Warlust and blitzing 'em to fuck in a manner most Marduk circa Panzer Divison Marduk, Iron Overkill was ever accurately titled: wave after undulating wave of teeth-gnashing speed and disgusting filth, all set to pulverizing stun, evoking an all-consuming sensation of total and utter oblivion.
Now expanded to a quartet, Front are set to deliver their most complete statement yet, Antichrist Militia - which, paradoxically, is a swift 'n' decisive 23 minutes.

Sheering away the more conventional aspects of tried-and-true war metal in favor of time-honored heavy rock sleaze, Antichrist Militia is immediately a more memorable and altogether MEANER listen. The downshifts into headbanging moments infrequently found on Iron Overkill have been maximized here - and pumped full of nitrous. Just witness the Motörheaded charge of "Iron Front," a fitting(ly filthy) tribute to their god Lemmy.

The cover art courtesy of the masterful Jenglot Hitam says everything it needs to: this is Front ravaging and rampaging the wastelands, veritable Road Warriors stocked full of black & death metal's deadliest arsenal. 
Tighter, more finessed, but also more caustic, Antichrist Militia gets in and gets out with militaristic precision, this time with a booze-reeking smirk across its barbed-wired face. Call it "fun"...if you dare.

Think you're fucking tough? Made of the sternest stuff? Then stand before Front and face the nuclear-powered force of their Antichrist Militia!

01 - Doom Cult Legion
02 - Antichrist Militia 
03 - Iron Front 
04 - Venom and Salt
05 - Mouths of War 
06 - Machinegun Blasphemy.

Antichrist Militia by Front will be available on digital, MLP + MCD formats via Iron Bonehead Productions from the 5th of June.

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