December 16, 2018

Trevor Proctor's Top 25 singles, EPs and demos of 2018.

As with previous years we've been treated to a serious amount of lethal music during 2018, from bands releasing debuts to established bands we've had a hell of a lot to listen to during the year. The only downside with such a productive year is trying to keep this list to 25 which was a very difficult task - this year I've also included streams from every release so there's a lot of music for you to listen to below.
As with all Lair of Filth articles the text in red is a live link to bring you straight to the artist or label and if something spikes your interest clicking on the title of the release will bring you straight to where you can purchase it - hopefully you'll see something you may have missed during the year.

Worthy of note (and attention) is a new label from Australia, Antipodean Darkness, a label that had a very promising start with 2 releases included on this list. The Facebook page for Antipodean Darkness can be accessed here to keep up to date with their future releases.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank every band, label and promoter that has supported The Lair of Filth during 2018 - it's the ties, friendship and support that make maintaining this site a pleasure.

Finally, and most importantly, I'd like to thank you, the reader for your unending support - every visit to the site means everything to me as does your support - so THANK YOU, it's all very much appreciated.

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9. Caveman CultSupremacía Primordial - Larval Productions + Rotting Chapel Propaganda.

One of a few releases which came out to coincide with what was easily the event of the year - Never Surrender Festival, a three day festival curated by Iron Bonehead Productions and Nuclear War Now! Productions featuring an unprecedented line up of the very best  bands from the underground.

Reviewed here and awarded a very easy 10/10, 'Agyat Ishvar,' sees the Kalikshetra Raktachakra further strengthened. "With closing track, ‘Proclamations of the Empty’ available to stream below there’s no need for any further description of Aparthiva Raktadhara’s music. Despite lasting thirteen minutes this EP shows an abundance of talent and promise and the excellent news is this is only the beginning for this very talented band." 

Fantastic split, featuring three tracks - one written by both bands followed by a track from each, available to stream in full below.

A press release for 'The Grande Usurper' was published here in August, "A prolific force within the Australian black metal underground, Ill Omen has built a canon of enviably massive proportions - and not just "massive" in size, but rather in the heights/depths to which mainman IV aims. Much like he has in his death metal-oriented vehicle Temple Nightside, IV scours the murk with single-minded intent, but with Ill Omen, he pursues a vision of black metal that's ceremonial and sinuous, often slowly drifting like fog lingering across an empty grave. Such was the case with 2016's massive Æ.Thy.Rift - arguably, IV's perfection of slo-mo blackdoom - and here, he returns with his first recording since that critically acclaimed third album.

Reviewed here, 'Nether Darkness' by Vhorthax was seen by me as a perfect start to the year - "....this is an assured and confident release with the pedigree of Vhorthax’s members illustrated by the strength of the music. Vhorthax has crafted four heinous hymns that are the epitome of Death Metal – never rushed nor too slow, each track weaves in and out of the darkness while never losing atmosphere and keeping the blasphemy levels high." 

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