October 16, 2018

Pulverized (Chile) - Monuments of Misanthropy - Press Release + Album Stream.

Press Release by Zoheb  from Qabar – Extreme Music PR.

Article posted by Trevor Proctor.

Chilean cadavers Pulverized awoke in the city of Santiago in 2006. 
They perform death metal with a strong American influence from the early '90s, without leaving aside the essences of the glorious South American extreme metal scene. Their lyrical themes touch the thoughts about life, death, Christianity and its moral decadence in Western Society. Having two demo releases in their discography, they have already illustrated the sign of miasmic assault, that is uncontrollably fierce and absolutely petrifying.

'Monuments of Misanthropy,' the impending debut album, will lay the cornerstone of a new epoch in the band’s history. Featuring lyrics in both Spanish and English, Pulverized deploy unholy feelings in veins throughout the six abominably composed furious songs. In terms of sonic landscape, this album stands in a supreme point where viciousness, profanity and primitiveness are in poise.

This striking debut album was released on October 13, 2018  via KRUCYATOR PRODUCTIONS on Jewel Case CD and digital formats.


Claudio Anacona : Vocals
Andrés Valdés : Guitars
Pablo Valdés: Guitars
Leonardo Taiba: Drums
Guillermo Fuentes : Bass

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at DM6 Studio by Pablo Clares. Santiago, Chile.

Cover Illustration by Adi Dechristianize of Dechristianize Art.

Band Photos by Carlos Berrios Contreras.

01 - Devoción
02 - Consumed by Ignorance
03 - In the Depths of Insanity
04 - Cadáveres
05 -  Aniquilación genética
06 - Profecía-Flagelo-Extinción.

Monuments of Misanthropy by Pulverized is now available on CD + digital formats from the excellent, and ever-growing Krucyator Productions by following this link.

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