June 17, 2018

Larval Productions - Triple Release Information + Triple Track Stream.

From Washington D.C. Larval Productions is a label that has steadily built it's release roster and reputation since the label's inception in 2016. On the 6th of June Larval Productions brought us three exceptional releases from three of the underground's most promising bands, Caveman CultJyotiṣavedāṅga and Crurifragium. Read on for press release information and a track stream from each release. (Press releases by Nathan T Birk)

Caveman Cult - Supremacia Primordial 10" EP.

Savage Floridian war metal masters Caveman Cult blast their way to unprecedented levels of primordial cruelty on this 10” EP. Total unhinged primitivism executed with deadly precision. Exclusive vinyl edition comes with antediluvian carvings and etchings expressing humanity’s most basic and fundamental desires for rage, conquest, and supremacy. No fucking mercy!!!

Artwork by Warhead Art
One-sided EP with etching on other side.

01 - Impaled Humanity Ablaze 
02 - Dogs of War (Exterminate the Filth) 
03 - Metal Negro Antihumano 
04 - Legions of the Black Vomit.

Crurifragium - Black Seed of Bestiality.

The unholy birth and relentless live bedlam of one of the US black/death metal underground’s most ferocious rising stalwarts. 'Black Seed of Bestiality' contains Crurifragium's self-titled raw 2015 demo, recalling the noisy hellstorms of Imperious Jaws of Ire and The Oath of Black Blood. 
Here committed to vinyl for the first time after being long out of print since the initial tape pressing. Side II presents a barbaric live manifestation captured at the Invoking Black Death Fest in Chicago, Illinois on May 6th, 2017. 
Unrepentant and devoid of mercy, this live manifestation echoes the pure hatred of the band’s studio sound. Guaranteed to leave the worms of Christ trembling with fear and soaked in urine.

Artwork by Necromogarip (re-interpretation of demo artwork by Chris Moyen)
Side A - demo tracks.
Side B - live tracks.

Side A
01 - The Tepid Waters of Feeble Baptism / Deformed Lamb
02 - The Horns of Power
03 - Efficience of Crucifixion (Crurifragium) 

Side B
01 - Stigmata Execruciation 
02 - Deformed Lamb 
03 - Flayed Angels / Exalted Blasphemous Trinity 
04 - Slaughterers of the Flocks 
05 - Consecration Through the Standard of Blood / The Horns of Power.

Jyotiṣavedāṅga - Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum.

Unfettered, noisy black metal chaos radiates forth from a recondite otherwordly beacon. Said to have been transmitted to Kolkota, India via Russia, the entity known as Jyotisavedanga releases their debut record, channeling cosmic discord with unparalleled vision. While war metal undoubtedly forms the foundation of Jyotisavedanga's multi-dimensional attack, it is but a mere tool to be wielded – and, more suitably, malformed. 
For Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum is indeed a warp continuum sucking vortex-ward the most diseased and depraved decibels lurking within the all-too-often mutually exclusive scenes of black metal and power electronics, splicing various DNA and mincing its residual strains.

Side A
01 - Distress Signal: Source Unknown 
02 - Quantum Integers Systematic Deduction
03 - Bilateral Indexing Theory

Side B
01 - Protocol Hyper Sterilization on Initialize 
02 - Vector Photon Gammaburst 
03 - Imploding Linear Fusion Propulsion System.

All three of these releases are currently available by following this link to Larval Productions and will soon also be available via European labels and distros.

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