April 15, 2018

Taphos - Come Ethereal Somberness - Review and Double Track Stream.

Taphos - Come Ethereal Somberness.

Review by Trevor Proctor.

Whilst Denmark may not be the first country that comes to mind when considering Death Metal the Danes have certainly given us some exceptional bands with Undergang and Phrenelith being two that have brought us fantastic albums in the past year. From Copenhagen, Taphos is another Danish band that's caused a bit of a stir within the underground in recent times. Blood Harvest Records in conjunction with Helter Skelter Productions recently revealed details of Taphos’ highly anticipated debut album, ‘Come Ethereal Somberness’ which will be released on CD, cassette, LP and digital formats in June this year. 
Taphos comprises four members with details regarding their identity being kept to a minimum with single letters denoting members. U performs drums, M and D guitars and H fulfils bass and vocal duties. Taphos’ first release came in the form of their ‘MMXVI Demo' which they released independently on digital formats and cassette in October/November 2016.
The demo was followed in 2017 by the exceptional ‘EP MMXVII’ which was released independently on cassette and digital formats in July 2017 with a 7” vinyl edition also released at the same time via Night Shroud Records. It was on the purchase of this 7” EP that the band first came to my attention and the high standard of music featured  resulted in ‘EP MMXVII’ landing the number four spot on my top 25 singles, EPs and demos listing for 2017. Not content with delivering one of 2017’s standout releases Taphos also released the demo ‘Premonition Promo MMXVII’ on cassette and digital formats in November 2017, showcasing demos of three tracks which appear on the ‘Come Ethereal Somberness’ album. 
The good news for those who may have missed Taphos’ first two releases is Blood Harvest Records released them as a compilation on CD in April of this year as a tasty pre-cursor to the album.

Taphos’ first recording featured snippets of darkened thrash elements and ‘EP MMXVII’ combined these with some  accomplished and ambitious song writing to create a superb style of Death Metal rooted in the classic guttural and grotesque past yet still looking forwards. Now, with the release of ‘Come Ethereal Somberness,’ Taphos is poised to earn their place as one of the most promising bands of recent times.
‘Letum’ which is Latin for Death (personified) serves as a short introduction before ‘Impending Peril’ launches you without mercy into the depths of the music of Taphos. An excellent start to the album ‘Impending Peril’ succinctly illustrates the brilliance of this band – searing solos and plentiful riffs combine seamlessly with superb performances from all members to create some standout Death Metal. Don’t just take my word for it as the track is available to stream below, along with ‘Thrive in Upheaval,’ and if these two tracks don’t cement your interest in this band nothing will.

With two tracks available to stream here there’s no need for much description of Taphos’ music but the good news to be aware of is there’s not a bum note to be heard throughout the album’s duration and we’re treated to thirty six minutes’ worth of some very strong Death Metal, all of which is delivered with angst, passion and skill in equal measure. As if a standard of Death Metal as high as this wasn’t enough Taphos aren’t afraid to expand on their sound by mixing things up a little with tracks six and nine, ‘Dysfori’ and ‘Obitum,’ two instrumental acoustic tracks that serve as brief moments of calm to amplify the controlled chaos on ‘Come Ethereal Somberness.’

One of the year’s most anticipated debut albums ‘Come Ethereal Somberness’ easily lives up to the heavy expectation and anticipation surrounding the band, they have taken the styles and promise featured on their previous releases and brought them to another level altogether.

With a lengthy European tour supporting Degial in May and an album as good as this, 2018 will surely be the year that brings Taphos to a much bigger audience than ever before and it’s much deserved, long may their rise to prominence continue!

A lethal debut 9/10.

01 - Letum
02 - Impending Peril
03 - Thrive in Upheaval
04 - Ocular Blackness
05 - A Manifest of Trepidation
06 - Dysfori
07 - Insidious Gyres
08 - Livores
09 - Obitum.

Come Ethereal Somberness by Taphos can be pre-ordered here from Blood Harvest Records and also here from Helter Skelter Productions.

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