December 31, 2017

Happy New Year! A Look Towards 2018 with multiple track streams + upcoming features.

As the end of 2017 draws ever closer I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for your continued and growing support during the year as well as taking a look towards 2018 with multiple track streams of what we can look forward to in the first few months of the year. Read on for details of some very exciting releases that 2018 already has in store for us.....
It's been a very successful year for me (Trevor) at The Lair of Filth and it's all thanks to the bands, labels, promoters and our loyal readers - so cheers to everyone who has supported The Lair of Filth in any way during 2017.  My Top 25 singles, EPs and demos of 2017 listing, along with My Top 25 Albums of 2017 listing and Jude's Top 20 Albums of 2017 have all been very well supported so far so thank you all very, very much and please give them a read if you haven't already done so.....

Happy New Year to you all from Trevor and Jude. 

Upcoming Features at The Lair of Filth:

During 2017 I was privileged to create artist profiles in conjunction with two of our underground's finest artists: 

Both articles proved extremely popular and it's with immense pride that I can reveal a further artist profile is currently being created in conjunction with none other than Mark Riddick from Riddickart who has honoured us with creating a new banner for the site which will be used from tomorrow. Despite being one of the busiest, and most talented, artists on the planet Mark also took the time to create the above art work specifically for The Lair of Filth - huge thanks and appreciation to Mark for both. On top of this Mark has provided me with some very detailed answers, loads of high quality examples of his work, and track streams so we definitely  have something to look forward to......
In the meantime you can check out Mark's work by clicking the links below to be taken to the appropriate site:

Fetid Zombie - New Album, Epicedia   -   Bandcamp   -   Facebook

Vhorthax - Nether Darkness 12" MLP/MCD - Iron Bonehead Productions

A debut release from Russia, 'Nether Darkness' which be the first review on The Lair of Filth in 2018.

Demonomancy - Poisoned Atonement - Invictus Productions.

Recently announced for release in February this exceptional album is also scheduled for review.

Track Streams from early 2018 releases:

Spite - Antimoshiach - Invictus Productions - Scheduled for release in February.

Grave Spirit - The Beast Unburdened By Flesh - Iron Bonehead Productions - Scheduled for release in February.

Byyrth - Echoes From the Seven Caves of Blood - Iron Bonehead Productions - Scheduled for release in March.

Void Ceremony - Foul Origins of Humanity - Blood Harvest Records - Scheduled for release in February.

Shambles (Thailand) - Primitive Death Trance MLP - Blood Harvest Records - Scheduled for release in February.

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