February 26, 2016

Interview - Temple Below

Interview by Trevor Proctor.

Temple Below Interview with The Lair of Filth February 2016.

Greetings, firstly I’d like to thank you for the interview opportunity, it’s very much appreciated. I recently reviewed your MLP “The Dark Goddess” and am very impressed with it so it’s a pleasure for me to be able to find out a little more about your band. For those who may not be overly familiar with Temple Below could you tell us a little more about the band, its music etc.?

"zazaz zazas nasatanada zazas! Ave! The Coven of the Temple Below is grateful for its chance to spread Her rites, words and hymns via this medium! No I would prefer not to, I rather let our music and lyrics speak for themselves! It is not like they are subtle or need to be decoded."

“Ought I to say something on this subject also? Shall I write about things not to be spoken of and divulge what ought not to be divulged? Shall I utter the unutterable? “ First of all it is not needed. Secondly I don’t want to reduce what we do by my own words, maybe they are completely wrong, what do I know about what we do? LISTEN TO US IN DARKNESS WITH A KNIFE CLOSE, VEINS AND MIND WIDE OPEN AND INCENSE LIT FOR THE GODS OF THE PIT!"

Details regarding membership of Temple Below are pretty sparse – will this continue to be the case and in what ways do you feel anonymity benefits the band?

"It is certainly not to be part of the on-going anonymous trend, it is just to put focus on the music and lyrics instead of the members and their old bands. It suits our purposes well for we are but vessels! Our souls and persona are of no interest for the Cause! We are worthless as separate parts but together we form the faceless Black Magic Metal Covine of Death. We were welded together by NOTHING but our fierce Devotion and the cruel dogma for the glory of real Black Metal in eternal praise of the Gods of HELL!!! We didn’t know each-other before we started the band and it took years before we met in person. In many ways we still don’t know each-other but that is unimportant, it is what we put together that makes the totality greater. However the persons I share this band with I have a tie to that I cherish more than I can say. Besides I doubt that most artists understand their craft and in fact art shouldn’t be understood. Now I defiantly don’t think we are art, but we practise and wield the craft of Black Metal which feeds upon our Black Magic Arte. We open our souls to the Darkness and Demons, both within and without, to verily become the vessels and heralds of the black living Flame! In that way we unleash the hymns of Hell and bid welcome into this world the pantheon of Gods contained within the devotional hymns of Black Metal. The Gods who constantly wait to break through, to break through through me and break through through you!!! They are never farther away than the flash of the arthana, the swing of the sickle, the opening of the mouth, the forming of a thought inclined to Destruction, Darkness and Death, Sin and Malice! The Sinister Emanations of Beyond!"

I’m aware the members of Temple Below are no longer involved with other bands; does this mean Temple Below is now your priority and can we hope to hear more new music from you during 2016?

"Yes it does mean that it is our main priority, well beside the undertakings in compiling a book on Lilith, She of the Night and my own ritual obligations which always comes first."
“In the Day of mine Offering there is No-one and No-thing whom I will not sacrifice. In the Day of my Becoming there is Noone and No-thing whom I will not transcend. In the Day of mine Oath there is No-one and No-thing whom I will not forswear. For I am the Transgressor of the Void Eternal Azal-Abad in whom all is opposition”

"I doubt we can release anything new until at least in 2018."

What about live performances, have you any scheduled for this year and if so which bands would you most like to share a stage with?

"No live ritual this year. We will do a gig next year and it will be in Europe. However NOTHING is sure as far as details go but I want it to be a one off live ritual with Force of Darkness and some of our other allies from Chile, in that case it would indeed be a unique event, a highly charged havoc of black magic infused with forces of ancient Xaos!"
"But it could just as easy be a gig with no spectators save the Gods we sing our Hymns to!
Other covens beside our Chilean comrades that we would prefer to play alongside with are Acrimonious, the Third Eye Rapists, Trepaneringsritualen, Irkallian Oracle, Void Meditation Cult and Nightbringer."

How happy are you with how The Dark Goddess has turned out, in terms of how it sounds but also in terms of how it looks and could you possibly share with us few details of the recording process, studio time etc.?

"I am extremely satisfied with it! Nothing before in my life can compare to the joy and satisfaction I feel for this sacrifice, this release, this discharge of Black Magic Metal of Death, this votive offering to HER!!! Studio time? Humm… for Mahavidya Cchinnamasta I recorded more than 11 hours of mantras during a Puja just for a sequence of maybe 22 seconds in the song, that speaks volumes for the whole release. I recorded all my vocals alone in Ummu-Hubur studio and must have spent more than 3 regular weeks recording, working on all the sonic vocal magic and editing. My vocals fully reflect what was seething in my mind and ritual chamber since it was recorded within the chamber and the gaping black hole within-with-out of my mind. I constantly felt Her presence in the Ritual area and Lilins drifting in and out of the chamber establishing a foreign hostile estranged possessed yet cold atmosphere which at the same time made the ether boiling. I kept turning around, sensing many were just behind me. I had a multitude of strange clairaudient tokens and passwords given to me by Them."

"Since this release was largely a product of my vision, my rabid poisonous brainchild and obstinate lunar-baby, I have been unbearable in my possessed and hypomanic state concerning everything involved in it; from the design, to the music, to the mixing to the art which all may have attributed to the other members leaving the coven which is fully understandable. Nonetheless being so obsessed was really in my book worth it, as we now reap a plentiful bounty for Her greater glory via this release. The few, if any, things I have ever regretted in my life have only dealt with compromises. For this release almost No-thing have been compromised with that deviated from my original vision. In my mind the closer the manifestation of one’s vision comes to that original soaring and white-hot searing lightning thought of initial gnosis first borne in the shared psyche of sorcerer and serpent and cast forth bright and swift to the waken mind during hypnotic states of visionary madness, when these visions manifest with minimal compromising of that immaculate first ray, it means one is one a step closer to The goal. It means that this filthy, confined and limiting universe of the dying weltering gaia with her loathsome membranes can no longer shackle us nor pollute and dilute the thoughts of resistance and the desire to, and dire urges of destruction harboured in the black hearts of the Chosen. O´ quicken and chasten us with your fire, hasten our black inner Al-Khemia!"

"There will be 33 ritual set editions of this release for sale solely through me. Of those only 2-3 of the CD remain for sale. Full Rites will be included in the very limited Ritual edition. Instructions for one rite for each of the Goddesses we pay homage to. In addition to that I will also include a terracotta-figurine of one of the Goddesses or several as ritual focus, a seal in clay which is created within the canon of the Temple Below and there referred to simply as the seal of the Dark Goddess, the conjoined currents of the triune void and which sterile middle circle also works as a tunnel for Her black lunar menstruum. Some editions might also include a pomegranate kapala. Furthermore I will include an incense of my own making, the triune powders to open the sidereal menstruum of the void; sand from the Red Sea, grave soil and bone ash, which is to be stirred and mixed with your own blood and preferably also the black menstrual blood to activate it. Finally consecrated black obsidian arrowheads will be included, thus to; 1, pierce our hearts, 2; align the spirit with the cutting of the moorings to Samsara and 3, to fixate our path of devotion and determination. Each and every object have been consecrated and blessed under the auspices of Black Luna for a minimum of three nights and some of the ritual tools for over a year, since 11th November 2014. HAIL LILITH! JAI MAI MAHAVIDYA CCHINNAMASTA! IO IO HEKATE!"

"11 copies will be distributed privately amongst our own lines and circles, 11 copies of the purple LP with artcards for each Goddess, and 11 copies of the special version of the CD that also will include a pin and a patch will only be sold to those who deserve it= are serious about the religious commitments and the ritual undertakings that comes with the practising of Black Magic and living and dying for Black Metal! This according to our intent, to the dogma of Hell as preached by Euronymous and sanctified by Satan. How it was, is and forever will remain! Be gone ye profane! If you o reader do not believe in Sa-I- Tan and the pantheon of Hell you are worse than our enemies for they at least believe in their god and prophets! Hekas hekas este bebeloi!"

The music sounds immense and is definitely one of the best sounding releases I’ve heard in quite a while, I’m aware the genius that is VK mastered it, how did you come to work with him and could this be the start of a connection between Temple Below and VK?

"Thank you I cannot but agree in regards to how it sounds! A mad seer called me on the good Friday from Oslo very speeded 3 years ago and urged us to use him, I think she was right to suggest it. Then it also happened that VK lived quite close to two of our members. To talk with someone who both understand and live this Path and have insights in the ritual vibrations of this music simply called for the need to ask him to mix the Dark Goddess. We are extremely pleased with his work that is for sure! His own musical warfare endeavours I hold in highest regard! Read the interview in the Sinister Flame to understand more about his creed and deeds."

You use some brilliant intros to your tracks, some of which last up to two minutes; what’s the significance of them to your music and who’s responsible for writing them?

"Thank you, I have made the invocations and samples on them, to me they are essential to the music and I prefer to have it like this on every Temple Below release. For verily they are the Keys to the Gates of the Outside that we seek to open via our hymns. Unnameable Occultist has made the music for them all and also recently he made an intro for a new Swedish band but I can’t remember the name of that band. To me he is a genius with these dark workings of his."

You classify your music as “Black Magic Metal of Death” – what aspects of Black Magic does the band practice, what beliefs are behind this and how big a part does it play in your everyday life?

"Which aspects of Black Magic do we not practise…? For us that write the lyrics they are not as much beliefs as much as They are the living undead breathing breathless Gods that we constantly communicate with, They are facts. They are EVERYTHING! Worship Them! They constitute and permeates our whole lives, it’s not one aspect but all. I try to make every action a purposeful act of magic intent; of course it’s near to impossible, but to have it as an active and aware goal is of prime importance. Certain eves I spend upwards of 14 hours immersed in ritual agendas but I think it varies from practitioner to practitioner. An average night and day something like 5-6 hours. My own practise is a draconian antinomian path of acausal anti-cosmic qlipphotic and thus anti-cabbalistic form of Sabbatic witchcraft, which include many techniques from Vāmācāra. Hailed be the primogenitor, instigator and initiatrix to this fierce vehicula driven by Mad Devotion and known as the Temple Below!!!"

How pivotal a role do these magic beliefs play when it comes to writing lyrics and also when performing as a band?

"Well I rather think it is ironic how the Devils Music can be played without everyone believing and practising this way of life and DEATH! Without these beliefs it would be no Black Metal! They are the raison d'être without which we couldn’t write the lyrics or at least we could not write and sing them and still be honest towards ourselves and towards Satan! Think about that the next time you lift your Lords name in vain of weak believer!"

"We shall see how big part it will play when we shall perform live, we have done one live ritual and verily it had the form and layout-display of one extended ritual with the few participants of flesh even chiming the cooper bell three times each towards the end of the rite before we extinguished the candles and left the ritual area and blood acre arena for the spirits to convene alone and abune, blessed and Below."

The artwork for the MLP is stunning, three impressive hand paintings by Nekronikon – how did you come to choose him for the artwork and do his paintings and art represent Temple Below’s beliefs?

"He have done all other art for Temple Below so the choice was obvious, he match our music and perfectly understands our weird, intricate and demanding requests. We gave him quite many directives but as always he made something completely beyond what we could have imagined. He made something volatile, something that ties all together yet set it free and unbound the dormant force, his art makes the whole release come alive, thus making the totality far greater than the individual parts as with all great magic! Beside him I only want to work with David S. Herrerias, Denis Forkas and Timo Ketola for Temple Below, because they too would be perfect matches. We are also endlessly grateful not only to Daniel but also to master Samori who humbled Temple Below by letting us include a painting of his of in this our sacrifice to the Dark Goddess! And yes of course Nekronikons paintings represent our ideology, the icons of our belief. "

Some may view four years between releases as quite long, was there any particular reason for such a wait from the Dies Irae EP to The Dark Goddess?

"I view it as needed when the members are scattered over different countries and the old members also had other prioritizations than me who only have Temple."

How do you feel The Dark Goddess compares to this previous EP in terms of how it sounds and do you feel the band’s writing or music style has changed much over the past four years?

"I don’t think it has changed. And I don’t compare the releases since all are contextual even though linear time is a foul demiurge lie. The only progression that is possible is forward ever onwards. We exist to feast upon all and transcend!"

You’re releasing The Dark Goddess via two of the underground’s finest labels, Iron Bonehead Productions (MLP) and Blood Harvest on CD. This is the second release which you’ve been signed to Blood Harvest for, do you feel you’ll stay with them for some future releases?  Also, how did you come to be signed by Iron Bonehead Productions and are there many bands on the rosters of both labels you’re fans of? 

"We are very satisfied with both labels yes. They are very professional and serious ones. I have no idea which bands are on either label. We only care to spread to music in praise of our Gods and the rites of the Goddesses and Gods we worship to as many souls as possible! I can’t remember how it happened cause I was not involved in the signing, an other member was."

You’ve made a fantastic start to 2016 with the release of The Dark Goddess – what does the rest of the year have in store for Temple Below?

"Same as always: Rituals, sacrifices, drugs, chaos, darkness, mayhem and flame leaping gnosis! Time is an illusion and a causal lie. The great work must always be carried on and the sacrifices must never stop!"

Which bands do you feel have helped influence Temple Below’s music most over the years?

"Well “There are no coincidences only magical patterns waiting to be unearthed”KJS S. so Mystifier, Varathron, Thou art Lord, Samael, Mortuary Drape, old Necrodeath and BLASPHEMY!!!"

Thank you very, very much for taking the time to answer these questions, have you any closing comments?

"Yes I do, here are some Names of Hers as a gift, and I prefer nay Demand! That this interview not be shortened but here given in its full extent or there will be No interview."

"These names have been unearthed during my 3 year long research for the book on the lore and rites of Lilith, She of the Night. These all be names connected to Lilith: I have nineteen names. One, Vestitza; second, Novadaria; third, Valnomia; fourth, Sina; fifth, Nicozda; sixth, Avezuha; seventh, Scorcoila; eighth, Tiha; ninth, Miha; tenth, Grompa; eleventh, Slalo; twelfth, Necausa; thirteenth, Hatav; fourteenth, Hulila; fifteenth, Huva; sixteenth, Ghiana; seventeenth, Gluviana; eighteenth, Prava; nineteenth, Samca."

"Another set are the following: My first name is Gylo, the second Morrha, the third Byza, the fourth Marmaro, the fifth Betasia, the sixth Belagia, the seventh Bordona, the eighth Apleto, the ninth Chomodracaena, the tenth Anabardalea, the eleventh Psychoanaspastria, the twelfth Paedopnictria, the half name is Strigla."

"Also the names Obizuth, Avezuha and Avestitza are regarded as holy to us. Alongside with the sinister blackthorn, willow-tree, the pine-tree, patchouli and the bramble and briar.
”The first is Miduch, second Edilta, third Mouelta, the fourth they call Lilitha and Malvitha”. ”My first name Geos, second Edilta, third Lambros, fourth Martlos, fifth Yamnos, sixth Samyos, seventh Domos, eighth Dirba, ninth Apiton, tenth Pegogha, eleventh Zardvech, Lilitha, Malvitha and the strangling-mother of children”.  Hear ye well these names of yore! ”Hear: Satrina, Lilith, Abito, Amizo, Izorpo, Kokos, Odam, Ita, Podo, Eilo, Patrota, Abeko, Kea, Kali, Batna, Talto and Partasah!”

"In conclusion:
Io Io Hekate! Io Io Hekate! Io Io Hekate! Praise Goddess Vāmamārga for She carves my eye of Three! Mahavidya Cchinnamasta I owe it all to Thee! May ye one and all nightly bleed for Her honour! Hail the Dark Goddess!!!
“With sacrifice I come to liberate the Mysteries of Forgotten Faith,
to lead the fallen and the forsaken to enter the Path of Secret Intent. With bended knee and rais'd sword, I convoke the Remember'd Ones in the Acre of Blood! O' Come forth! Succumb and rejoice in the Masquerade of the One True Worship! For faithful am I who stand with one foot in and one foot out the Temple-door. Estranged from all congregations of Man!”

The Dark Goddess by Temple Below is currently available as 12" MLP from Iron Bonehead Productions and on CD from Blood Harvest.

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