April 14, 2015

Full Album Stream: 'Infernus - Grinding Christian Flesh'!

Today (April 14th) will see the official release, by Moribund Records of Grinding Christian Flesh, from Portland, Oregon quintet, Infernus. This is the second album from the band, and is an absolute barnstorming barrage of Satanic mayhem. It's a blistering assault, from start to finish, and contains 13 original songs, along with two covers (one of which is a terrific rendition of Inquisition's Crush the Jewish Prophet).
Infernus deliver an infectious attack of Blackened Thrash metal which grips you right from the start, and only let you go once the final chords have been played, leaving you a whimpering mess. 

Filth HQ has had Grinding Christian Flesh on full blast for the past week or so, and it just gets better with each spin, so we're as delighted as fuck to be able to stream the entire album for your listening pleasure. They say the Devil has the best tunes, and I can assure you that this is very much the case here.

You can buy Grinding Christian Flesh directly from Moribund Records and check out the latest from Infernus over at their Official Facebook Page

Now, bask in the infernal glory that is Grinding Christian Flesh!

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