March 13, 2014

Filthy Interview - 'Massacre'

On April 1st, Death Metal legends, Massacre, will return after an 18 year absence with a brand new album. The album is entitled Back from Beyond, and will be reviewed on these very pages over the coming weekend, and features original members Rick Rozz on guitar (ex-Death/Mantas) and Terry Butler on bass (ex-Death/Six Feet Under), as well as Ed Webb on vocals and Mike Mazzonetto on drums. Recently we had the honor of Rick Rozz taking time out to answer some questions for the Lair. So, read on my filthy friends!

Questions by Trevor Proctor

Lair of Filth: Firstly, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, it’s very much appreciated – how busy has your schedule been recently?

Rick: You are very welcome, and thank you as well for your time asking them. I'm honored.

LoF: Releasing your first full length album in 18 years must be a daunting prospect. How was the recording process, and did the finished album match or even surpass your initial hopes and expectations?

Rick: The recording process was fun, professional, and the finished product matched-- and surpassed. Tim Vazquez @ CGM Studios is Massacre’s 5th member. You rock, Tim!!

LoF: Death metal has experienced a massive resurgence in popularity during recent years; do you think this is a good or bad thing for the sub-genre?

Rick: I have been out of the "metal world" for over 17 years, but I would say a good thing and good timing for Massacre, don't you? ;)

LoF: Due to this resurgence, there’s now two broad generations of fans. How do you think the new album will appeal to old and new fans alike?

Rick: I feel once everyone hears ‘Back From Beyond’ and sees Massacre live, we will appeal to both generations.

LoF: Florida was once a pioneering creative force for death metal on a global scale – how relevant and influential do you feel it is today?

Rick: Never looked at Florida that way, but wait ‘til you hear ‘Back From Beyond’ and you be the judge. ;)

LoF: There are many new death metal bands bringing out some seriously good music. What modern metal bands do you listen to or support?

Rick: Death Before Dying, Druid Lord, Destined To Ruin, Generichrist, Black Tides Roll.

LoF: You’ve played 70,000 Tons of Metal a few times in recent years. What sort of experience is it and do you prefer it in any way to regular festivals or gigs?

Rick: It's like nothing else you have ever seen, and cannot be compared to any other festival. 70,000 Tons Of Metal is in a league of its own. I recommened it to any, and every metal fan-- you will have a blast.

LoF: Being close to 40, ‘From Beyond’ was a massive album for me as I grew up, and I’m very excited to hear the new album. What can we expect from it?

Rick: Brutal vocals, crushing drums, thunderous bass, and hooky, heavy riffs throughout the whole album.

LoF: ‘From Beyond’ is and always will be a legendary album. Do you think ‘Back From Beyond’ will be as highly regarded and well received?

Rick: I'm flattered and honored that people feel that way about ‘From Beyond’, so I would say that Massacre feels the same about ‘Back From Beyond’. Prepare yourselves. ;)

LoF: Many technological advances have been made since Massacre started recording – what are the advantages of these changes, and did they influence the recording of the new album?

Rick: For me, tracking guitars is the same. I play my Grosmann Guitars, through a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, with my Boss Super Overdrive-- no sound replacing here. ;) The only easier thing is editing, if needed. You don't have to cut tape anymore.

LoF: Which bands do you like touring with the most?

Rick: I would tour with anyone willing to take Massacre out. The key is getting in front of the people. 

LoF: Many bands have made comebacks in recent years-- which have you been most pleased to see?

Rick: Dark Angel.

LoF: Can we look forward to an extensive touring schedule from Massacre? 

Rick: I say yes, bring it on. The more touring, the better in my book.

LoF: I see you’ve a few dates lined up for the UK-- have you any plans to come to Ireland?

Rick: This is a short warm-up tour for the release. I'm sure we will see you in Ireland before the end of the year.

LoF: Can we expect to see future album releases from Massacre?

Rick: 100% definitely. We already have a handful of songs written for the next release.

LoF: Thanks again for answering these questions; being a fan from the early 1990’s, this has been a pleasure, and good luck with your plans for this year!

Rick: Thank you as well, LOF. It was my pleasure! See you on tour! Cheers & Peace.

Back from Beyond is released in North America on April 1st by Century Media

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