February 15, 2014

Filthy Music Review - 'Goatcraft - The Blasphemer'

Goatcraft – The Blasphemer (2014)

I, Voidhanger Records (CD)/Forbidden Records (Tape)

Review by Jude Felton

Welcome back to the dark world of the Necro-Classical, and in particular the one-man world of misery that is Goatcraft. Following on from 2013’s All for Naught, which saw the light of day on Forbidden Records, is The Blasphemer. It is here that the Texan, known only as Lonegoat, takes us on a demented journey into the world of William Blake.

Once again the piano/keyboard is the weapon of choice for Goatcraft, and it’s put to phenomenal us on this second album. Foregoing the use of traditional “metal” instruments, such as a guitar, bass or drums, Lonegoat utilizes the ivories to deliver some compelling, foreboding and just flat-out good music. If you can imagine a world where Black Metal and Akira Yamaoka collide, amidst literature of yore, you might well find yourself on the right track.

At times, the tunes on The Blasphemer consist of deceptively simple note progressions, and at times they descend into more complex areas, but what is consistent throughout is the atmosphere, and of a far greater picture. This is not disposable music, by any stretch of the imagination; instead it’s an album that needs strict attention paid to it; at least for the first few listens. The strokes are broad and the picture grand, as Goatcraft take a huge step forward from the, itself very impressive, All for Naught.

Where I think The Blasphemer really steps it up from All for Naught is the feel that this is a more complete piece of work; there’s a definite feel of a fully developed idea, one of which you will get a greater appreciation of when you read through the accompanying song notes, which are included on this release.

To say that The Blasphemer is a more mature album, than All for Naught, would be a double-edged sword. To me maturity equates, to a certain degree, with safe and boring, and this album is neither. I do think there is a maturity in the songwriting and structures, but there is also a heavy infusion of classical nihilism throughout its running time. If one thing is certain, Lonegoat can compose an evil tune, without the need for lyrics and vocals.

With The Blasphemer, Goatcraft has taken a grandiose step forward and delivered an album rich with texture. The darkness is descending again and The Blasphemer serves as the perfect soundtrack. Turn off the lights, relax and let it envelope you, as this is a truly wonderful album.


1. Intro: Behemoth 
2. Temptation And Fall 
3. House Of Death 
4. The Blasphemer 
5. Hecate 
6. Nebuchadnezzar 
7. In The Arms Of Pity 
8. The Great Red Dragon, Part I - The Woman Clothed With The Sun 
9. The Great Red Dragon, Part II - The Woman Clothed In The Sun 
10. The Great Red Dragon, Part III - The Beast From The Sea 
11. The Great Red Dragon, Part IV - The Number Of The Beast 
12. Eternal Prayer Of Urizen 
13. Satan In His Original Glory 
14. Outro: Leviathan 

The Blasphemer is released on CD by I, Voidhanger Records and on Cassette by Forbidden Records.

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