January 20, 2014

Filthy Music Review - 'Graveborne: Through the Window of the Night'

Graveborne - Through the Window of the Night (2014) 

Séance Records

Review by Trevor Proctor

Through the Window of the Night is the second full length release from Finland’s black metal blasphemers, Graveborne;  following their 2011 album Pure Negativity. It’s due to be released on Australian label, Séance on 20th January. Graveborne was formed in 2008 by guitarist Marchosias and drummer Pentele with the intention of creating a sound similar to 1990’s black metal – played with conviction, heaviness and unrelenting vehemence. Their debut five track EP; Astride over the Grave, was released in 2009 directly via the band and limited to 200 copies which soon sold out as their popularity soared – due to demand it was subsequently re-released on vinyl by Floga records.

With a new vocalist in the form of Raata, Graveborne returned to the studio in 2011 to record their debut album “Pure Negativity” – on release the album again garnered much praise from the underground press; their renown grew and in turn led to the band performing with established, highly regarded Finnish underground black metal acts such as Sacrilegious Impalement and Kadotus.

Through the Window of the Night was recorded by the band themselves and mixed and mastered by Jarno Hänninen at D-Studio – the fantastic cover artwork is the dark creation of artist Markus Räisänen. With this album Graveborne set out to further strengthen their sound whilst incorporating even more heaviness, blasphemy and more complex song structures delivered with the utmost intensity.

Opening track Burn the City of God is one that has its foot firmly planted in the world of death metal but is a hell of a start, vocalist Raato spews forth his hate fuelled blasphemy with passion, conviction and energy in the most convincing of manners – it’s a short track lasting just over three minutes but it’s enough to satisfy you that you’re in for a solid performance from the band and a gem of an album. Tiesi päähän follows and sees the band morphing into a more recognisable black metal approach regarding playing and arrangement yet manages to avoid sounding like a re-tread of black metal’s history.

Pyhää Verta is another standout track following the 1990’s Black Metal style; it’s a traditionally composed yet ferocious track that features a vocal collaboration with K-2T4-S, vocalist with Finnish band …And Oceans, who are now called Havoc Unit.

Most of the nine tracks featured on the album are around the traditional four minute mark yet each has its highlights and all members perform with passion spewed forth in the most convincing of manners to create a very substantial listen. A solid, rewarding album that will hopefully help Graveborne further cement their respect and prestige within black metal’s underground – if they play with as much power and passion live as they do in the studio anyone with the fortune of catching them do so is in for a memorable experience. Whilst there is nothing mind shatteringly original about this release Graveborne do not simply repeat previous black metal formulae; and the energy and conviction with which they play their music is more than enough to compensate. A very tight, substantial black metal release from and impassioned, committed band – let’s hope we hear a lot more from them in the future. 


Burn the City of God
Tiesi päähän
Root of Evil
Into the Abyss
In the End I Find My Beginning
Pyhää verta
Men Behind the Sun 

Through the Window of the Night is released by Seance Records on January 20th.

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