January 28, 2014

Filthy Music Review - 'Chapel (Canada): Satan's Rock 'N' Roll'

Chapel (Canada) - Satan's Rock & Roll LP (2014)

Invictus Productions

Review by Trevor Proctor

Satan’s Rock and Roll is the debut album from Chapel; a three piece from Vancouver, Canada - consisting of Devastator on bass and vocals, Incinerator covering drums and Desolator playing guitar and also assisting with vocals. They are signed to the ever productive Invictus Productions from Dublin, Ireland – Invictus’ signings include Tribulation + Malthusian and they have also format specific releases for many acts including Sheol and Abyssal, so to say they’re a productive label is something of an understatement. 

Satan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll was originally released on CD in 2012 though was shamefully overlooked by many of us; however their audience has steadily grown to the extent Invictus are releasing the album on vinyl (limited spatter or black) in early February. Chapel play alcohol fuelled blackened thrash with a quality dose of rock n roll with matching swagger and attitude. Within seconds of hearing them my interest was caught to the extent I knew I was in for a treat and by the time I’d heard 2 tracks I was hooked and knew I’d be ordering it immediately; this is the sort of music that reminds you why you fell in love with metal in the first place – it’s pure balls to the wall, foot to the mat, beer loving, God hating, attitude filled, thrash infused rock n roll.

You get a brief, one minute organ intro to the first track but from there on the pace rarely lets up, and this is an album that doesn’t piss about, ten tracks, thirty two minutes of sheer rock and roll fury laced with shitloads of blackened thrash, if your had isn’t nodding or at least your feet tapping during most of this album there’s something seriously wrong with you, the power of Chapel’s music should not be underestimated. Guitar solos are cleverly laced through the album and are executed with the utmost expertise; Chapel are no amateur act and this is simply a stunning debut – if you don’t like this you don’t like metal and it’s really as simple as that.

Alcoholocaust is a standout track, one of those catchy wee fuckers that gets stuck in your head - it’s just that good, I defy any metalhead to resist singing along to “Drink to the power of Satan’s might” or at least have the track lodged in your brain for the next few days. Satan’s Rock and Roll is another belter of a track, as is Satanist – in fact it’s easy to say every track is a smasher that builds into a massive slab of pure quality that you’ll return to time after time - anger management by music; this’ll give you a buzz and accompanying grin each and every time you give it a spin.

This is a lesson in pure energy  and attitude filled swagger and aggression, it’s the most enjoyable thirty minutes I’ve had listening to music in quite a while – shame on us who missed the cd release first time, go ahead and redeem yourself - get this on cd or vinyl now and “Drink to the Power of Satan’s Might.”

1. Rock ‘n’ Roll From Hell
2. Nocturnal Blasphemy
3. Satan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll
4. Hell Breaks Loose
5. Alcoholocaust
6. Blood Will Be Spilled
7. Satanist
8. Motorcult
9. Trashed
10. Hellraisers.

Satan's Rock 'N' Roll is released on LP by Invictus Productions on February 10th.

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