December 8, 2013

The Lord of Filth's Top 10 Films of 2013

So another year slowly draws to a close, and I've actually not seen all that many films that I truly loved (aside from the list below). There were one or two that didn't quite make it, such as A Field in England, Junkie, This is the End and New World, that were also fantastic, but on the whole this wasn't as hard to compile as previous years. That being said I will admit to having watched far less new movies than in previous years, with a lot of older titles being re-issued and re-released. The below Top 10 (of which I have cheated on by including 11 films) though are my personal favorites of the year, and as in previous years I do not state it to be a "best of" list; this is just what floated my proverbial boat. I've also included the format on which I watched them. Enjoy.


10. Maniac/Evil Dead (Blu-ray/DVD)

Two remakes on my list? Whatever next? Fuck it, they were damned good fun.

9. Insidious Chapter 2 (Theatrical)

Loved the first, loved the second.

8. Cheap Thrills (Theatrical Screener)

One of the finest, and darkest, comedies I've seen in years.

7. The Conjuring (Theatrical, Blu-ray)

Damned entertaining, and creepy as hell.

6. Stoker (Blu-ray)

Beautiful movie.

5. The Lords of Salem (Blu-ray, DVD)

Absolutely terrific flick from Mr. Zombie.

4. The World's End (Theatrical, Blu-ray)

A fitting conclusion to the trilogy, and a wonderful movie in its own right.

3. Sightseers (DVD)

Funny as fuck and incredibly violent in places. Wheatley scores again.

2. Toad Road (DVD)

A total trip of a horror film.

1. Resolution (Theatrical Screener, Blu-ray)

I watched this several times this year, and each time it got better. Utterly fantastic movie.

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