December 16, 2013

Before 'Bedlam Stories' there was 'Project Alice'!

Following hot on the heals of the rather excellent Bedlam Stories, by Christine Converse, comes the prequel tale, entitled Project Alice. As you can probably tell, if you have got this far, The Lair of Filth is a proud sponsor of this new tale, which is also written by Christine Converse and expands on this sinister world. You can download the book at the link below. These tales all originate in the delightfully twisted mind of Pearry Teo, who will be bringing Bedlam Tales to life in a film in the not so distant future!

Bedlam StoriesProject Alice

A young girl is committed by her family to Bedlam Asylum for treatment of wild fantasies. It is discovered that her visions are much more than figments of an over active imagination. Personally motivated to dive deeper into Alice's world, Dr. Braun begins working to harness her power, but instead unlocks the door to a more sinister reality. Written from Dr. Braun's perspective, we explore the treatment of young Alice in this prequel to Bedlam Stories: The Battle of Oz and Wonderland Begins.

You can download Project Alice here and pick up Bedlam Stories at the Official Site, or at the link below.

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