November 10, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Bonesaw: The Illicit Revue'

Bonesaw – The Illicit Revue (2013)

Unholy Anarchy Records/At War with False Noise

Review by Jude Felton

Although I am not too familiar with the output of Scottish label, At War with False Noise, I plan on checking out some of their past releases, on the strength of this second album from death metal miscreants, Bonesaw. Unholy Anarchy, on the other hand, I am more acquainted with, having reviewed, and thoroughly enjoyed, their last few releases. What I am sure of though is that between the two of them they have a real monster with Bonesaw’s The Illicit Revue.

This second album from Bonesaw, who hail from Aberdeen, Scotland, really digs down into the filthy underbelly of life. It’s a blood-caked abomination that will contaminate all who listen to it, as it pounds out just under 40 minutes of dirty scum-encrusted death metal.

We’re talking rumblings from beneath Hades, as Bonesaw’s sound is one that loves the low end; it rumbles and penetrates the psyche, with more than the odd nod to the recently revitalized Autopsy. There’s no polish about The Illicit Revue; it’s raw and ugly, and most enjoyable to listen to. Of course, when I say enjoyable I mean that it will fester inside you, and you will thank them for it.

However, as good as Bonesaw’s album is, it does have the odd negative, the main one being the drum sound. Whereas the rest of the sound, from the guitar, bass and vocals, have a raw guttural depth to them, the drums seem strangely hollow in their sound. It’s not too much of an issue, as the rest of the music adds more than enough meat to these rotting bones.

This is death metal for fans that like their music caked in utter filth. We’re not talking hokey cartoonish gore imagery here, but instead a genuine feel of depravity and ugliness. Thank fuck there are still bands, like Bonesaw, that are creating this type of music. Death metal shouldn’t be pretty, it should be as ugly as a traffic accident, and these Scottish marauders are calling the ambulance. 


1. The Forging of Year Zero
2. Riot In the House of Worship
3. Grave Insult
4. Instant Classic
5. Crafted Deformity
6. Granite Hell II
7. The Stench of Dead Dirty Ass
8. The Illicit Grotesque Revue
9. Satori (Part One)
The Illicit Revue is out on CD now, from Unholy Anarchy and At War with False Noise, with an LP release to follow in 2014.

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