October 15, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Sinister Haze: Demo 2013'

Sinister Haze – Demo 2013 (2013)

Unholy Anarchy Records

Review by Jude Felton

Fresh from the double salvo of the Ashencult/Mephorash split 10” comes the latest release from Maryland based Unholy Anarchy Records, and they couldn’t be any further apart in terms of style if they tried. Whereas the split 10” from Ashencult and Mephorash delivered some truly top-notch black metal, the Sinister Haze demo takes things down a notch or ten.

We’re talking old school stoner doom here, right from the Hendrix-tinged opening to the 8 minute Changin’ Ways. This is low down and dirty stuff, throughout the running time of the three track, and 20 odd minute, demo. You’re going to want to crank this loud and chill the fuck out whilst listening to it; the grooves will resonate deep within your very being.

Truthfully, what Sinister Haze deliver isn’t especially new, hence the old school comment and general vibe of the demo, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t damned good listening, because it is. They hit the nail right on the head and whisk you off into a long and winding psychedelic journey, with the Richmond, VA based trio being your tour guides.

Hopefully this demo is just a taster of what is to come, as even at 20 plus minutes it’s all over too quickly, and I get the feeling that these boys have a lot more up their collective sleeves.

Unholy Anarchy is releasing this in very limited quantities, with only 100 cassettes and 100 Screen-Printed Eco-Friendly CD’s being made available. Of course, you’ll be able to snap this up on digital, but in all honesty this is the sort of music that you’ll want to hear on cassette, in order to fully submerse yourself in its raw beauty.

Track Listing
1. Changin' Ways
2. Black Shapeless Demon
3. Betrayed by Time

You'll be able to order Sinister Haze's demo here. It is due for release on October 25th from Unholy Anarchy Records.

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