September 28, 2013

Filthy Review - '100 Bloody Acres'

100 Bloody Acres (2012)

Review by Jude Felton

Within the confines of the expansive world of the horror movie, I would put forward that the hardest to perfect would be the horror/comedy hybrid. It’s this sub-genre where the script makes or breaks the film, and more importantly either keeps it razor sharp or allows it to descend into utter stupidity. Now, there’s nothing wrong with stupid comedy, but when you blend comedy with horror you really do tread a fine line. In the case of 100 Bloody Acres, the filmmakers have nailed it to almost perfection, and it’s all down to the cracking script.

This Australian film focuses on the Morgan Brothers, Reg and Lindsay, who run their own blood and bone fertilizer company out on the titular 100 bloody acres. What we learn about them is that they have their own special ingredient that makes it so successful; paging Farmer Vincent!

The business is doing well enough, but it’s about to take a turn for the complicated when a trio of kids break down on their way to a music festival. Reg reluctantly agrees to give them a ride, and from here on in it’s absolute mayhem. Mayhem of the bloody kind, but mayhem nonetheless.

Aside from the main plot strand, there’s plenty going on in 100 Bloody Acres to keep you busy. There’s the complicated love, or sex, triangle between the three kids, Lindsay’s constant disappointment in Reg, a wonderful little cameo from one of Australian horror’s great villains of recent years, and a script that is funnier than hell.

As I mentioned, it’s the script that powers this film along, and it’s laced with hilarious Aussie humor, and turns of phrase, and bucket loads of blood. Colin and Cameron Cairnes, who wrote and directed 100 Bloody Acres, also manage to throw in one of the grossest scenes I have seen in many-a-year. It isn’t graphic, but I assure you it will stick in your mind, whether you want it to or not!

100 Bloody Acres also benefits from being set in one main location, which is the Morgan’s farm, and rarely strays from it. This allows the Brothers Cairn to focus their energies, and budget, into creating a good looking and incredibly well structured film, with the entire cast, especially Damon Herriman (as Reg), being great in their roles. Honestly though, all of the cast are pitch perfect in their roles, from Angus Simpson as the opposing Lindsay to Anna McGahan as the voice of reason, with her country girl turned city slicker, Sophie.

If I wanted to offer up a quick sell of this movie I would offer up that is a terrific blend of Motel Hell, as you may have guessed, and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, in terms of style and content. You’ll also get the added bonus of a DVD that is laced with extras, that for some reason I could not access. According to the sleeve though, I am reliably informed that there is a behind the scenes segment, interviews, an SFX feature, Gag reel, Morgan Brothers TV commercials and a load more.

So, do yourself a favor and pick this blighter up when it drops on DVD. It’s bloody funny, surprisingly bloody (especially in the latter stages) and is just a rollicking good time. Blood is the order of the day here, and that’s a bloody good thing!

100 Bloody Acres is released by Doppelganger Releasing on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on October 1st.

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