September 12, 2013

Feature of Filth - 'Galactic Cowboys'

Wayne Simmons, who is just almost as busy as I am (I joke!), has taken some time out to bring us an article about Galactic Cowboys, the progressive metal band who are playing a reunion gig this week! Read and enjoy!

Progressive/ extreme metal band, GALACTIC COWBOYS, is set to play a reunion gig this Friday 13th September at the Acadia Bar and Grill in Houston, Texas. The Houston quartet officially split following the release of their 6th LP, Let It Go, in 2000, although they reformed briefly in 2009 for three shows. This latest reunion features original line-up: Ben Huggins, Monty Colvin, Alan Doss and Dane Sonnier. The band will solely be playing tracks from the first two albums. With a huge buzz around the gig, which has all but sold-out, fans are wondering if there could be more dates in the pipeline, or even a tour.

Galactic Cowboys formed in 1989 and, after signing to producer/ manager Sam Taylor, were quickly snapped up by Geffen. Mixing heavy guitar playing with three and four part vocal harmonies, the Cowboys were often compared to Texan trio, King’s X, also managed and produced by Taylor.

They released two LPs, 1991’s self-titled debut and 1993’s Space in Your Face before splitting from both Geffen and Taylor. After a brief hiatus, the Cowboys signed to German label Metal Blade and released their third LP, Machine Fish. This was the first album to feature guitarist Wally Farkas (replacing Dane Sonnier) and boasted a more stripped back live sound. Galactic Cowboys went onto release a further three LPs and one EP through Metal Blade before calling it a day.

Since disbanding, the Cowboys have each remained active within the music scene. Huggins fronted a new band, Gristle, releasing an album in 2010 through Metal Blade. Sonnier formed The Sonnier Brothers Band with his brother, Len (Atomic Opera), Doss went into production and Colvin relocated to Kansas City where he plays with new band, Crunchy, as well as hosting a podcast radio show called Monty’s Rockcast. 

However, rumours have been circulating that Huggins and Colvin have been working on material together. So could this latest reunion lead to a new album?

Whatever the future holds for Galactic Cowboys, there can be no doubt about their legacy: their cult fan base is as fervent as ever and, with extreme metal broadening in terms of appeal, and ever diversifying sound-wise, the market for their definitive and timeless style of song-writing remains strong.

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