August 4, 2013

Filthy Review - 'The King of the Streets'

The King of the Streets (2013)

Review by Jude Felton

If you take a wee gander at the accompanying artwork for Well Go’s release of Yue Song and Zhong Lei’s The King of the Streets, you might be forgiven for thinking you’ll be getting some sort of Tekken-style movie. Well rest assured, you are not. You’re actually getting something far better than that; this is a visual fight feast extravaganza, with a little depth to it.

Yue Feng (Yue Song) is one bad-ass, and we join the action as he is laying waste to a gang of thugs. Eventually he is overpowered and rendered unconscious, only for us to join him again as he is released from jail. The reason for this is that he unwittingly killed one of the thugs, but seeing as though it was one against about twenty, I thought that was a bit harsh.

Anyway, he has now renounced violence and is seeking employment, which he eventually finds. He also becomes friends with a young lady who works at a small orphanage, which is under threats from property developers, and the gang they employ. You already know where this is going, don’t you? Fret ye not, as it is well worth sticking along for the ride.

The King of the Streets, which is a bear to find any info on online, is one hell of a fight flick. I’m sure you’ve all seen movies advertised as having the best fight scenes since *insert random fight movie*, but this truly is one to feast your eyes on. Yue Song is an incredible performer, and his acting isn’t too shabby either, and the choreography is nigh-on perfection.

So, the story may not be anything to write home about; it’s pretty much par for the course for this type of movie, but the execution and somber tone help elevate it well above the average. According to the cover blurb the fights feature real fighters, of varying styles, and it does show in the numerous fights.

Visually, Well Go USA have delivered another superb looking Blu-ray, which should not surprise anyone who has seen any of their Asian releases, and it makes for a most worthy addition to fans of not only Asian (this being filmed in Mandarin Chinese) cinema or fight flicks, but good quality action movies in general.

So, you aren’t getting a cartoonish Tekken clone, instead you are getting a damned fine, and decidedly gritty, brawler with fights that will leave you breathless. Top entertainment.

The King of the Streets is released on Blu-ray and DVD by Well Go USA on August 6th.

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