July 14, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Manegarm: Legions of the North'

Manegarm – Legions of the North (2013)

Napalm Records

Review by Jude Felton

Legions of the North marks Manegarm’s first album to be recorded in English, after 18 years. Having not been familiar with their earlier work this is not something I was overly concerned with, and as it happens it makes not a blind bit of difference; Legions of the North is a stirring and emotive slab of Viking metal.

The Swedes launch into the title track after the lengthy intro of Arise, and from here on in they deliver a highly charged foray into, what I would describe as, blackened Viking metal. Thunderous tracks that rouse the spirit, with a definite dark side, yet an ultimately catchy one. With that being said, Manegarm do incorporate many folk elements, with strings etc. and also some soothing female vocals along the way.

If I had to find a negative side, it would be that I wasn’t all that impressed with the drum sound, which seemed a little mechanical. It certainly wasn’t enough to spoil my enjoyment of the album though, and I can certainly see others feeling the same way. If you’ve yet to acquaint yourselves with these Swedes I highly recommend you do so, and pick up Legions of the North.

Grab yourself an ale, saddle up your steed and prepare to plunder at will! Manegarm’s Legion of the North will prove to be the perfect soundtrack to your raids! A joy to listen to.

Track List:

1. Arise
2. Legions Of The North
3. Eternity Awaits
4. Helvegr
5. Hordes Of Hel
6. Tor Hjälpe
7. Vigverk
8. Sons Of War
9. Echoes From The Past
10. Fallen
11. Forged In Fire
12. Raadh

Legions of the North is available now from Napalm Records.

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