June 28, 2013

Kitamura assures us that 'No One Lives' UK Trailer and Release Details

After the debacle that was the release of Midnight Meat Train (good movie, bad handling), it's good to see Ryuhei (Versus) Kitamura back with a new movie. Opening in UK theaters, from Anchor Bay, on September 6th, No One Lives stars Luke Evans and  it looks bloody mental! WWE Studios best film yet? Could well be. Scroll down to check out a ton of stills and the UK trailer!

Driving across country while relocating from their previous home, an unnamed man and his girlfriend, Betty, stop for food at a remote roadside bar/diner deep in redneck country. A minor run-in with a member of a ruthless criminal gang based in the area leads to the couple being taken hostage and installed in an abandoned farmhouse. But all is not as it seems. When Betty is unexpectedly killed and a shocking discovery is made in the trunk of her car, the tables are dramatically turned when the true identity of her boyfriend is revealed. Soon, the gang members find themselves up against a smart and urbane, but equally ruthless and fearless killer, who adheres to a terrifying personal motto.

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