June 10, 2013

Filthy Review - 'The Twilight Zone: The Complete Second Season'

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Second Season (2013)

Review by Jude Felton

Can you believe that the classic TV show, The Twilight Zone’ first aired on TV screens back in 1959? Me either, but as a show it is one that has endured over the years. Actually, endured is probably an unfair choice of words, as it has remained popular because it is just flat-out fine entertainment. Now, Image Entertainment has released the entire Second Season, in a no-frills 5 disc collection.

The Twilight Zone, as with many other genre fans, has always been a favorite of mine, especially the early black and show seasons. Rod Serling consistently delivered creepy and mind-bending tales of fantasy, mystery and horror, and Season 2 is no exception.

Spread over 5 discs and 29 episodes, Season 2 first aired back in 1960, which was way before my time, but it has aged very well. Sure, the clothing and mannerisms of the actors etc. dates the imagery on screen, but the tales themselves hold up incredibly well and definitely warrant revisiting time and time again.

With this 5 disc set you shouldn’t expect any special features or extras, because it is just a release of the Season 2 episodes. That should be more than enough though. The tales are great fun, there are some cool guest appearances by the likes of William Shatner, Dennis Weaver and Don Rickles (among many others) and the picture quality is surprisingly good. Also, the fact that you can pick this set up for around $20 on DVD should be more than enough incentive to pick this slice of genre television history.

The Twilight Zone has remained popular due to the strength of its stories, and Season 2 is a fine example of this. I had a smile on my face throughout the duration of my viewing its wonderful charm, and I am sure I will find myself revisiting it many times. A most worthy purchase, especially if you are a newcomer to this classic show, yet also for Twilight Zone veterans. A joy to watch.

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Second Season is available on DVD now.

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