May 15, 2013

Filthy Music Review - 'Grime: Deteriorate'

Grime – Deteriorate (2013)

Forcefield Records/ Mordgrimm

Review by Jude Felton

There’s no point beating around the bush, when it comes to certain albums, instead it’s best to get straight to the point. Such is the case with Grime’s second album, Deteriorate. With this album the Italian sludge-meisters have delivered filth-laden journey into the ugliest recesses of humanity. This sure ain’t pretty; it won’t pound you into the ground, it’ll drag you in feet first and screaming.

In just over the course of half an hour, right from the spoken word intro to Burning Down the Cross through to the album closer, Idiot God, Grime lay down dirty fuzzy guitars and a monolithic low end. It’s an album that will make you question the very will to live, and I am by no means kidding here.

The vocals are screamed out; enforcing the suffering that these Italians want to put you through. Due to this there is not much in the way of pleasantries going on here. You won’t get any respite, there’s no escape from the dirges that spew forth, where would the fun be in that? Hell, that’s probably the only way to get the word ‘fun’ into a review of a Grime album!

What might surprise you, or maybe not, is the fact that Deteriorate is such a good album. Grime really deliver exactly what the cover artwork implies you might be in for; pain, suffering and misery. What a delight it is.

Where the album falls down slightly, and keeps it from being an essential purchase, is the fact that some of the songs do tend to bleed into each, which in turn seems at times as though the album could be one long piece of music. Fortunately, the music is of such a high caliber that you can overlook this. It’s still a minor irritation though.

If you know me though, I like to look to the positives, rather than dwell on the negative, and this album has far more of the former. It may not be a positive album; it’s akin to walking through quicksand whilst your feet are being sawn off, but it is a very good one. So the fact that it only runs to under 40 minutes is definitely a good thing.

Grime have only been around for three years, give or take, and the fact that they are already creating such effective and crushing music bodes bloody well for the future. My recommendation is to give it a listen before you buy it, and chances are that once you hear it buy it you will. 

Track List:

1. Burning Down the Cross
2. Pouring out the Hatred
3. Down by the River of Dreg
4. Giving Up
5. Deep Cut
6. Restless Man
7. Pills
8. Idiot God

Deteriorate is released by on Vinyl by Forcefield Records (June 11th) and CD by Mordgrimm on June 10th.

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