March 14, 2013

Filthy Giveaway - 'Strange Frame' DVD - Closed

In the mood for a lesbian sci-fi rock musical? Thought you might be. On March 19th Wolfe Video will be releasing the DVD of G.B. Hajim's Strange Frame, which features Tim Curry. To coincide with this release Wolfe Video have kindly supplied me with 3 copies of the DVD, of which I in turn will give to you. Well, three of you!

Set at the end of the 28th century, the human race has long since abandoned a desolate earth. In order to survive, humanity has been using genetic engineering to adapt to otherworld environments, to the point where changing one's skin color or gender has become commonplace. On the moon Ganymede, saxophonist Parker (Claudia Black) and guitarist Naia (Tara Strong) develop a close relationship. The two embark on their new relationship and form a new band — but they also must fight for their freedom from the evil Mig (Tim Curry). 

So, to be in with a chance of winning a copy of the DVD of Strange Frame, all you need to do is shoot me over an email to, with Strange Frame in the title and answer the incredibly simple question below. Be sure to include your name and full mailing address (as I am neither psychic nor mapquest). This contest is open to everyone, just check your hardware plays US DVD releases. I will draw three winners on March 19th.

Question: Tim Curry starred in the film adaptation of which boardgame? (Game or Movie will be fine)

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