February 5, 2013

UK DVD News: 'I Didn't Come Here To Die' hit DVD from Second Sight

The artwork for the US release of the terrific I Didn't Come Here To Die really did not do the film justice whatsoever. However, this has definitely been rectified by Second Sight Films for the UK DVD release, as you can see above; this artwork is far superior. The DVD drops on April 15th, and I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy. More details and the trailer after the break.

‘One of the best horror film debuts since Sam Raimi unleashed The Evil Dead’Bloodydisgusting.com
‘Slickly shot and gory as hell’**** Scream Magazine
‘Eye-popping horror’**** Shock Horror Magazine
‘A gorefest’Billy Chainsaw, Bizarre
One of the most original and acclaimed horror films of recent years, I Didn’t Come Here To Die makes its debut on DVD courtesy of Second Sight Films.
Written and directed by Bradley Scott Sullivan in his directorial debut and starring a cast of hot, fresh young talent including Indiana Adams (Friday Night Lights), Kurt Cole (Up & Down)Madi Goff (A Thousand Cuts) and Travis Scott Newman (Live Fast Die Young), this sharp horror will be released on DVD on 15 April 2013.
Six young volunteers set up camp in the middle of nowhere to work on a project for kids. A little too much booze and one horrific, stomach-churning accident spark a series of outrageous events. Alone in the woods guilt and paranoia begin to take hold and the bodies start to pile up.

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