February 25, 2013

Music News: 'Dragged into Sunlight' to tour UK and Ireland

Without a doubt one of my favorite bands, with 2012's Widowmaker making my albums of the year list (it's bloody amazing), Dragged into Sunlight are set to hit the UK and Ireland on tour. It will be their first UK tour in three years, and they will be joined on the short tour by Bossk. Now, if we can just get them back over to the US...

Following the overwhelming success of 2012's "Widowmaker," DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT are again ready to grab the metal underground by the throat with the announcement of tour dates this May in the UK and Ireland. This will mark the first time the band have toured the UK in three years. Joining them will be experimental juggernaut Bossk, themselves touring the UK for the first time in six years. A lethal yet thrilling combination. Here are the dates:

5/24    The Pint, Dublin, Ireland.
5/25    Birthdays, London, UK.
5/26    Alter Ego, Manchester, UK.
5/27    Audio, Glasgow, UK.
5/28    The Library, Leeds, UK.

As an additional audible treat, check out this venomous track "Lashed To The Grinder And Stoned To Death" from their previous full-length, "Hatred For Mankind" -- a song the band are planning to unleash on tour for the first time in six years.
Lest we not forget "Widowmaker," a viciously haunting voyage into the macabre. An eerie masterpiece that pieces together a colossal atmosphere belonging as much to Swans or Neurosis as it does to Autopsy and Burning Witch. A rewarding, often beautiful and frequently disturbing proposition, and one of the most powerful pieces of music to emerge in recent years from a band who really are at the forefront of British extreme metal.

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