January 26, 2013

Music News: 'Incantation's Diabolical Conquest' gets vinyl reissue

Today, January 26th, sees the vinyl reissue of Incantion's Diabolical Conquest. Hells Headbangers have released it on black and colored vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, complete with poster. Side D of the release contains a laser etching. Originally released back in 1998 I can tell you that it's well worth checking out, as I was listening to the album earlier today. More details below. Get to it!

An unheralded classic returns: INCANTATION's monumental and mesmerizing Diabolical Conquest sees long-awaited release on vinyl! A unique, transitory period for INCANTATION, 1998's Diabolical Conquestfeatured Daniel Corchado from THE CHASM on vocals and bass, altogether lending an otherworldly and (yes) diabolical feel to the proceedings. Elsewhere, INCANTATION take the slithering undercurrents of the preceding Mortal Throne of the Nazarene to new heights/depths, dragging the listener through an existential muck 'n' murk that transcends "death metal" as a definition and into a Beyond where only sinister vibrations rule the psychic wasteland. Forever coiling and roiling like the ancient Ouroboros, INCANTATION's Diabolical Conquest is an experience unto itself, and one well worth investigating on this exclusive vinyl edition!

You can order this special vinyl release here.

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