January 15, 2013

Hideo Nakata's 'Death Game' coming to UK DVD

[I have just found out that the release date has been put back. When a new date is announced I will let you know.]

March 4th will see the DVD release, in the UK, of Hideo Nakata's Death Game. Nakata is probably most famous for his Ring movies, so I will be eager to check this out. It's being sold as Big Brother meets Battle Royale, which sounds like a tempting combination to me. Time will tell though. More details and stills can be found below. Death Game will be released by MVM Entertainment.

When ten strangers agree to an interview for the same lucrative job offer, they find themselves locked in an underground complex to take part in a psychological experiment for seven days.
The group soon discovers that the pay is too good to be true when the horrifying specifics of the game are unveiled. Trust each other, kill, or be killed. The world watches while the contestants fight for their life in a sick and twisted survival of the fittest.

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