November 8, 2012

Filthy Music Review - 'My Dying Bride: A Map of all our Failures'

My Dying Bride – A Map of all our Failures (2012)


Review by Jude Felton

Has it really been 20 years since Yorkshire, England’s My Dying Bride first laid waste to our sense of hope? Yes it has, my filthy friends, as 1992 saw the release of their debut album As the Flower Withers, and they are still going strong.

A Map of all our Failures is the band’s 11th studio album, and quite frankly it is an epic journey into doom, despair and loss. Clocking in at over an hour, each of the 8 songs contained on the album weave a punishing, yet beautiful array of music. To call My Dying Bride a Doom metal band would be very apt, yet also a little limiting. A Map of all our Failures does contain an almost melancholic sense of despair to it, but it is such a beautiful album with so many layers that to tag it under any label is a little unfair.

This is the sort of album that you really need to invest a little time into; with The Poorest Waltz being the shortest tune, at 5 ½ minutes, right up to the almost 9 minutes of Within the Presence of Absence. It is not a casual listen, and some listeners, especially those unfamiliar with My Dying Bride’s musical output, might find it a little intimidating. Don’t be put off though, as this is an album with rich melodies, bone-crushing heavy riffs and the vocals of Aaron Stainthorpe are just superb. Listening to A Map of all our Failures is, to me, the aural equivalent of the first Hellraiser movie; it’s a journey to hell, but definitely one you want a ticket for.

Eleven albums into their career and My Dying Bride continue to deliver the goods. A Map of all Our Failures is a raw, melodic and quite wonderful way to spend of hour of your time. Give it a blast at your earliest convenience.

A Map of all our Failures is released by Peaceville and is available now.

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