November 14, 2012

Behold 'Piranhaconda'!! UK DVD details

Tell me this shit doesn't pump your nads! Roger Corman produced and starring Michael Madsen, Piranhaconda is set for a DVD release in the UK from Chelsea Films on January 7th, and is rated 15. That's the day before Elvis' birthday, thank you very much! No relevance between the two, but who cares? Killer fish and a scantily clad babe on the cover, oh go on then, sir!

Whilst filming the latest installment to their horror trilogy on the scenic island of Hawaii, low-budget filmmakers Milo and his crew desperately try to combat the endless barrage of problems that threaten the filming process and ultimately their movie’s success. With investors dropping out like flies, a lead actress who is more concerned with drinking a cold Frappuccino than her performance and a gang of kidnappers who are intent on capturing cast members and holding them for ransom, it’s safe to say that “Head Chopper 3” just isn't running as smoothly as desired. Yet, an even bigger problem lurks precariously on the island that presents a much, MUCH bigger calamity than those surrounding the making of their amateur slasher movie…
When hitchhiking scientist Professor Lovegrove (Michael Madsen) discovers a nest of eggs belonging to a gargantuan creature previously thought to have only existed in Polynesian folklore - the so-called “River Devil”, a freak of nature aberration between a piranha and an anaconda - a terrifying game of cat and mouse ensues on the tropical island involving Professor Lovegrove, the low-budget film crew, an unsuspecting holiday couple and a band of kidnappers who have finally met their match!

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