October 16, 2012

'The Collective Vol 5' is undead on arrival!

Making its debut at November's Days of the Dead convention in Chicago next month is JABB Pictures The Collective Volume 5. This time out the 10 filmmakers, who all contribute 1 film of 10 minutes duration all based on the same theme, will be delving into the rotting world of the zombie. Having been impressed with Vol's 1-4 I am looking forward to seeing what twisted movies will be contained within. Read on for the full list of filmmakers.

Graphik 13 Films - The Dead Things Outside Your Door Pt 1 & 2
Liberty or Death Productions - Spooky Stuff - The Zombie Files
Liberty or Death Productions - Zombie Soup
Over Analyzed Productions - They Said They Were Here To Help
Arsonist Pictures - Voice Over
Silence in the Dead of Night - (se) XX Z(ombie)
JABB Pictures - Marauders
Copp Films - Consumption of the Heart
Quattro Venti Scott Productions - A (Gore) aphobic

For more info here over to www.Jabbpictures.com.

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