September 6, 2012

Enter the 'Sinister' world of Ellison Oswald

With the October 5th release of Sinister just a few weeks away, I have discovered the journals of author Ellison Oswald (played by Ethan Hawke). So, I thought I would share them with you. Personally I cannot wait for this movie to hit, as from what I have heard so far is that it is actually scary. Let's hope so. To read Ellison's journals, click here.

Desperately in need of a best seller to revive his struggling career, true crime writer Ellison (Ethan Hawke), moves his family to the scene of his most recent story; the unsolved, gruesome murder of a loving, happy suburban family.
Shunned by the local community and strained by his obligations to his family, the discovery of a batch of home movies in the attic offers Ellison shocking proof to the crime he is investigating. Ellison notices the same unidentified figure appearing in each of the 8mm films, leaving him convinced that all the incidents are linked by a truly bizarre connection. As his investigations uncover the terrifying truth he starts to lose his grip on reality and it soon becomes clear that he is placing his own family in harm’s way.

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