September 19, 2012

Delightfully gratuitous artwork for Shameless' Amsterdamned' release

Back in July I posted about Shameless Screen Entertainment's 4th Quarter releases of Amsterdamned and The House of the Laughing Windows, so I just thought I would update you with the artwork for Amsterdamned. On first glance it seems harmless enough, but there is definitely more than initially meets the eye! Amsterdamned hits on October 22nd.

There is a serial killer at bay in Amsterdam's canal network and the race is on to stop him before mass hysteria grips the nation.
Dick Maas's cult slasher movie starts as it means to go on when the predator leaves the protective habitat of the dark canal to claim his first victim before dragging her back into a watery grave.

1 comment:

Maynard Morrissey said...

LOL hilarious artwork :)
I should check this one out. Have seen it back in the 90s and loved it, but I don't remember much.
Gotta love Dick Mass and Huub Stapel. Nearly all of their collaborations are fun.