August 16, 2012

'We are the Night' to hit the UK

After coming to the US through IFC, the German vampire flick We Are The Night will now finally being seeing a UK release by the way of Momentum Pictures. It will be released on DVD on October 15th and will be rated 15. The film is directed by Dennis Gansel. No word yet on whether this release will feature the original German audio track (the US VOD version did not), but we can only hope. More news as I get it.

When she unknowingly picks the pocket of a man one night on the streets of Berlin, small-time crook Lena attracts the unwanted attention of Inspector Tom Serner, a young police detective involved in ongoing investigations into Lena’s victim, a known Russian mobster. Although she manages to escape Tom’s clutches, Lena’s personal situation becomes even more complicated when she later visits an underground nightclub and meets Louise, the club’s owner and the leader of a trio of female vampires that also includes “young” party girl and DJ Nora and former 1920s silent film star Charlotte. Louise immediately falls in love with Lena and decides to transform her, introducing her to a glamorous existence of non-stop partying, fast cars, limitless night-time shopping sprees and eternal life. But it all comes at a price. As Lena struggles to come to terms with the endless killings and attempts to fend off Louise’s Sapphic advances, the bloodthirsty quartet’s murderous activities draw Tom and his police colleagues ever closer.

US Trailer

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