April 11, 2012

Long lost show Earth 2 to get UK DVD release in May

On May 28th Mediumrare Entertainment will be releasing the complete series of the Spielberg produced TV show Earth 2. The show aired between 1994 and 1995, running for two seasons and starred the likes of Tim Curry, Virginia Madsen and Terry O'Quinn.

Earth 2, the epic sci-fi series created by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment – a bona fide lost sci-fi treasure – is finally making its way to DVD in the UK, almost 20 years after it first aired on TV screens to great acclaim from fans and critics alike.

This rarely seen classic will make its DVD debut at last courtesy of Mediumrare Entertainment on 28 May 2012. Earth 2 The Complete Series boasts a fantastic, stellar cast that includes Tim Curry, Virginia Madsen, Terry O’Quinn and Deborah Farentino.

The year is 2192 and Earth is blighted by extreme pollution, people have been forced to live in space stations and due to the lack of regular atmosphere a generation of children suffer from chronic illness. Scientist Devon Adair (Farentino) is struggling to find a healthy environment for her deathly ill son Ulysses and disregarding government orders she embarks on a quest to find a new home planet. Her expedition sets off for an Earth like planet 22 light years in the future, but after their spaceship crash-lands on the wrong side of planet G889, they quickly discover that their new home has some very strange and hostile inhabitants.

This groundbreaking series features the full 21 episodes that critics cheered ‘soared to new sci-fi heights’ and is a must see.

Bonus features include: Deleted and extended scenes – eight scenes from five episodes (Water, Better Living, Through Morganite, Redemption, All About Eve, Survival of the Fittest), Blooper Reel/Outtakes

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