February 23, 2012

The Camel Spiders are coming

Coming to Blu-ray and DVD on March 27th from Anchor bay is the Jim Wynorski directed Camel Spiders, under the Roger Corman Presents banner. Sounds like some B-movie mayhem to me. The movie stars Brian Krause, C. Thomas Howell and Gigi Emata. Click on the link for more details, including full synopsis, stills and the trailer, which debuted over at Dread Central.

From master creature feature maker Roger Corman comes a spine-chilling tale about the ultimate skin-crawlers: Camel Spiders!  

During a routine desert patrol, an U.S. Military unit head by Captain Sturges (Krause) is ambushed by insurgents. Just when they seemed to be outgunned, the attack suddenly stops...and their would-be assassins are dragged off by what a native liaison calls "the devils of the sand." Wounded in the battle, Sturges earns a ticket back home to the more hospitable deserts of the Southwestern United States. 
Bringing back one of his fallen comrades, Sturges doesn't realize that a couple of camel spiders stowed away and now have access to an environment where they can breed at an exponential rate, freely hunting for prey and unafraid of any predator - including man. No place is safe, no one is beyond their paralyzing sting. In the end, a small band of hearty fighters are forced to make one last stand against the creatures.


Mary Kirkland said...

I should have known the first time I saw a photo of a camel spider on the net, that someone would make a movie of it. lol

Unknown said...

Yet another reason to pony up and get a Blu-Ray player, looking forward to it.