January 9, 2012

Online screening of new horror flick Donner Pass

New horror/thriller Donner Pass, which riffs on the Donner Party legend, will debut online this week, starting Wednesday 11th Jan, and will run for five days. Each day will feature a live Q&A with various members of the cast and crew. Full details, including trailer, can be found below below

Donner Pass tells the story of settlers in 1846 that became snowbound in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and had to resort to cannibalism to survive. Some 150 years later, a group of teens on a snowboard trip discover that the curse of the Donner Party still haunts those mountains when members of their group start turning up not only dead, but half-eaten.  Nothing - and no one - is what it seems in this provocative dark thriller. And history doesn't always stay in the past.


New Virtual Theater Experience to
Host Exclusive Q&A with
Talent and Filmmakers

"A twisted take on the Donner Party legend." 
-Stephen McFeely, Screenwriter, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, and Captain America
New York, NY (January 6, 2012)-Constellation TV, Freestyle Digital Media & Arroyo Filmworks are pleased to announce five special screenings of the dark thriller, DONNER PASS. Beginning January 11th, a special five-day series of event screenings will take place on Constellation (www.constellation.tv), the leading innovator of virtual online movie theater experiences.
This unique concept is delivering on Freestyle’s mandate to reach every corner of the market by leveraging “FreeStyle Social Cinema” using social network platforms and capitalizing on the power and reach of web-connected video. DONNER PASS is one of several titles included in an agreement made by Freestyle and Constellation to do selective online theatrical screenings of Freestyle’s upcoming release slate. Using Constellation's revolutionary virtual theatrical (VT) technology, screenings will be hosted by directors, actors, and other filmmakers to provide online a dialog with the audience and to deliver an intimate film festival like experience. Special screenings for Freestyle’s other titles will be announced in the coming weeks.
Tickets for the screening are $4.99 at www.constellation.tv/donnerpass

·  On Wednesday, January 11th at 7:30PM PST, Elise Robertson, Director and Mouncey Ferguson, Producer will host a live Q&A about Donner Pass. Robertson began her career in the film industry as an intern character painter on Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, went on to direct Emmy-award winning regional televisionwon a Cine Golden Eagle for her adaptation of Ralph Ellison’s King of the Bingo Game, and is also a working SAG actor whose recent credits include Sons of Anarchy, True Blood and NCIS LA. In addition to Donner Pass, Elise and Mouncey have recently completed the script for Forger, a caper/biopic about the famous World War II-era art forger, Han Van Meegeren.

· On Thursday, January 12th at 7:30PM PST, John Kassir, Horror Icon will host a live Q&A of Donner Pass. Kassir is most notably known for his work in the Tales from the Crypt series as the voice of Crypt Keeper.

· On Friday, January 13th at 7:30PM PST, Michael Defellipo, writer for Horrorsociety.com will host a live Q&A about Donner Pass.

· On Saturday, January 14th at 7:30PM PST, cast members Desiree Hall and Brandon Morales, will host a live Q&A about the film. Desiree Hall is known for her recurring roles in the MTV series Teen Wolf and CSI: Miami. Brandon Morales is known for his roles in film The Office Escapes and TV Series Criminal Minds.

· On Sunday, January 15th at 7:30PM PST, Shannon Lark, Stacy Hammon and Heidi Honeycutt of Viscera Film Festival will host a live Q&A about the film. Viscera is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization expanding opportunities for contemporary female genre filmmakers and raising awareness about the changing roles for women in the film industry.

About Constellation
Constellation is your online movie theater.  Just like a traditional theater, audiences purchase tickets to attend scheduled showtimes of films.  Unlike other online platforms, watching movies on Constellation is a social experience.  Users pick a showtime to join (or create their own), invite friends, and watch movies together.  Many movies are presented by VIP hosts, such as the films' directors, actors, or other notables, who appear live in the online theater to answer questions from the audience during and after the film. 

About Freestyle Digital Media
Freestyle Digital Media, LLC was launched in November 2011 by its CEO Susan Jackson who is Co-President and founder of independent theatrical distributor Freestyle Releasing, LLC and North American sales company Turtles Crossing, LLC. Freestyle Digital Media supplies quality commercial film and TV content directly to all US VOD/SVOD rental DVD/Kiosks and theaters using the latest cloud-based technologies to automate digital workflow.  Freestyle’s goal is to provide fresh, well-marketed product and stay on the cutting edge of the ever-compressing windows to ensure that their partners benefit from a platform that delivers an anytime-anywhere capability in the medium of their choice and a positive digital viewing experience on any device in any location. Jackson has partnered in FDM with Steve Harnsberger and Mark Borde.  Harnsberger is FDM’s Executive Vice President of Business Development and Borde is the company’s EVP of Theatrical Distribution.

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